The Territory

In the crystal clear waters of the Strait of Bonifacio, between the Corsican coast and the archipelago of the Maddalena, there is a small archipelago that literally takes your  breath away. These are the islands of Lavezzi and Cavallo and a series of fairly large rocks, emerging from the depths of this unique Mediterranean setting.

Any visitor arriving here is struck by the Polynesian colours, the transparent waters, the scent of myrtle and heather and the unusual light at sunrise and at sunset. The visitor will then choose a destination: solitary nights in the roadstead in the coves of Lavezzi, weather permitting, or a quiet mooring in the port of Cavallo and its spartan atmosphere, in which you suddenly come across the luxurious Hotel des Pecheurs, an exclusive and charming place to spend a holiday.

The unspoilt, white beaches of Cavallo and the countless little coves can be visited one by one in a tender. Some of these, like Cala di Palma, are closed to navigation and, therefore, can only be reached in a rowing boat. With the arrival of weather fronts and especially after their passage, the sea becomes tumultuous, particularly when the north-westerly winds arrive, running free for hundreds of miles, from the Gulf of Lions to the Strait of Bonifacio, unleashing spectacular waves.

Nature in this area is wild but peaceful, even in the high season, despite the crowded Emerald Coast just 10 miles away.